Match Review

Match Review

Visit Website is one of the best known dating websites around, and there are some good reasons for that. The site has over 25 million members to its name, which is a lot. If you can’t find a date among them then something isn’t right! There is also (approximately) a 50 : 50 ratio between men and women on, which is rare in the dating world. Many of’s competitors have a much larger ratio of men to women.


  • Free membership available
  • Standard Subscriptions:
    • 1 month for $18.99
    • 3 months for $11.99 per month
    • 6 months for $9.99 per month (includes The Guarantee)
  • Best Value Plans
    • 3 months for $14.99 per month
    • 6 months for $12.49 per month (includes The Guarantee)
  • Inlcuded in 3 & 6 month Best Value plans:
    • Email Read Notification
    • First Impressions
    • Highlighted Profile

Features Lists

  • Over 25 million members waiting to find someone special
  • Tens of thousands of members online at any time
  • Access the site on your smartphone and send emails, winks and IM when you’re on the move
  • Add photos from your hard drive or using a web cam
  • Add your favourite films, movies and books to your profile
  • Advertise yourself with a dating headline
  • View photo albums of other members
  • Read an exclusive magazine with dating and lifestyle tips
  • Get free advice on style

Match Review seems to be a leader in its field because it offers a professional service which actually gets results. Its membership numbers are backed up by a reliable system which offers value for money and a good time too! There are a variety of ways to approach finding a potential date on, all of which are worthwhile and offer a constructive means to finding a date who is likely to push your buttons.

The site is so confident that you’ll find someone special within six months that you will receive another 6 months’ paid membership for free, if you don’t. This does require a 6 month contract to be taken in the first instance, but it’s quite a reassurance. The price is right too, with sitting comfortably among the price brackets of most other dating websites but offering a superior service.

You’ll find that the quality of photos on is better than most, and you can also upload a good number of them. Some sites are quite restrictive but with Match you have the ability to show yourself in a range of outfits and scenarios to really develop a sense of your true character.

Adding bits of information on your favourite authors and directors is also a nice touch because it gives you a clear and easy link for others to pick up on and to strike up a decent conversation, other than the usual “err hi, I like your profile, you’re pretty, lol” nonsense that isn’t bound to go very far.’s system not only allows you to search through or browse profiles for your ideal date, it also makes recommendations based on a number of factors. Some of these factors are as simple as physical attributes (e.g. for those of you who may only be interested in girls, aged 20-25, with red hair) but a more intricate system allows you to perform a two-way search, meaning that the results take into account personalities.

How, you may ask, does the system know what your personalities are like and whether or not you’ll get on? Well, a team of experts has worked on a system which will fairly accurately estimate whether or not you are likely to click, based on a series of tests you can take. If you are not the sort of person to make yourself the centre of attention, then it’s no good being matched with someone who isn’t into shy people, is it? No. Much better to be matched with someone who finds shy people alluring. Therefore,’s system works on a series of levels to provide a match which ought to be both physically and emotionally harmonious.

Also worth a mention is the site’s MindFindBind program, which is exclusive to It includes a series of videos (over 50) which help to educate the members of the site on the do’s and don’ts of dating, how to understand and talk to other people, and how to go about having a happy relationship. You can move through the program at your own pace from home. Of course, this isn’t necessary for absolutely everyone but we’re sure we could all learn something about how we go about in day to day life, dating or not.

With over 25 million members in 60 different countries and presented in 18 different languages, mainstream online dating doesn’t get much bigger than It has been around for almost two decades (since 1995) and it shows. It has a refined, intuitive user interface, expert tips and advice, a professional, polished layout and of course one of the biggest databases of members on the planet. The premium membership is also extremely competitively priced, costing a lot less than many other, smaller dating sites. As The Guarantee comes with the 6 month membership options, it makes sense to upgrade to a 6 month membership, either on day 1 or else after a few weeks using the site as a free member. It will probably be a rather good investment, in the grand scheme of life, love and the pursuit of happiness.


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