Dating Tips For Senior People Dating App

Senior dating is at an all time high. This may shock many of the younger generations. Senior dating is a means for the senior to live happy and comfortable within their golden years. Bottom line isn’t companionship something sought by those of all ages.

This time of begging to date can often be a scary time for the senior dating population. It could’ve been years or even centuries since their last date.

Dating Tips for Senior Dating App Users

Safe online dating is the number on tip all seniors dating should consider and keep in mind. Senior people dating have just as much luck finding matches using the apps as any other niche category. Have fun while maintaining safety is the best advice one should focus upon.

Fakes and Scammers

It is sad to say but apps and online can be filled with those that are not who or what you think. Seniors are often the primary focus for fakes and scammers primarily due to the limited smart phone, computer usage, training, and access. Predators is yet another area of concern for senior dating.

Some ways in which to ensure safe app or online dating examples are shown here.

  • Limit the personal information given.
  • Never give out your address until comfoitable doing so.
  • Do not give out banking information or money information.
  • Meet the match only once you feel at ease doing so.

Senior People Meet App

The Senior People Meet app is one of the many applications available in which to assist senior people in the dating field. The app has a niche demiographic for dating seniors that are single and age fifty or older.

Senior People Meet is a prestigous app that offers easy to use applications and drop down menus. They have also been graced awards when it was voted the Top Senior App Pick for the years of 2015, 2013, 2011, and 2009.

Other great senior dating options include free sign ups, easy joining, app set ups in two minutes on average, and phone in options for data addiotions. Additionally members can set filters on who might view their profiles such as the seeking men/women only options.

Senior people have also been given easy to use and operate search options. The app has gone above and beyonf remembering that seniors often lack tech saviness in comparison to younger generations.

Safe Meeting Locations

Just like all people meeting the first time, location should be given high thought and priority to ensure personal safety. There are numerous ways in which this safeness can be achieved. Below are a few of the more common first date ideas.

  • Meet in a public location.
  • Take along a friend or family member
  • Go to a location that you are a familiar face.
  • Be certain the location is well lit.
  • Ensure that the time selected in which to meet allows for others to be at the chosen location.


How to Choose a Senior Dating App

When it comes to dating when you are older, it may seem hard to get out there and meet other people your age. This is when it is best to check out senior people meet. Senior Match is a great dating app for those who are in their senior age or golden age. This app will help you meet people your own age who are in their golden years like you are. However, you will need to know what to look for in an app before you choose it. Here are some tips on how to choose a senior dating app that is best for you and your potential new partner. senior-dating-app

Check the Operating System Requirements on Your Device 

When choosing the best app for senior dating, you will want to make sure it will work properly on the device of your choice before installing it to that device. Whether it is a smartphone or a tablet, you will need to know that it is going to work properly before installing it. Make sure the operating system, or what everyone calls the OS these days, meets the requirements for the app before installing it. Once you ensure this, you will have a better experience with this app.

Ensure the User Interface is Good 

You will want to make sure the user interface works good on the app. This means you will want to make sure that it is easy to navigate and get around the app before you install it to your preferred device. Making sure you can find everything you need to find on the app is your best bet to ensure you have a great experience.

Check out the Features of the App

 Many apps these days have special features to them. You will want to check out all of the features and benefits of the app before installing it to ensure it has everything you need to have a great time. Finding a date on one of these apps is all about enjoying the use of the app so you can see the other person’s picture and to be able to talk to them to get to know them easily before going on that first date.

Features and Benefits of a Senior Dating App

Making sure you can view the other person’s profile to know what they are like before messaging them is a good idea. You will want to not only see what they look like but to also get to know what they like to do for fun, what their work is, and if they like the same things as you. This will be one of the choosing factors on whether or not you decide to choose them as a senior date.

Being able to talk to them on the app, by chatting online, is another great feature and benefit of one of these apps. This will help you get to know all about their personality and let you decide if they have a good enough personality for you.


There Are Many Options For Senior Dating In Michigan

Trying to figure out the art of dating in today’s world can be confusing and frustrating. For people who are of a particular age, the actual thought of trying to date can be terrifying. The one thing that people should know about senior dating is that is not as difficult as they might think. The most important thing that seniors can do is to concentrate on being themselves. When it comes to over 50 dating senior people in Michigan have a lot of options, however they should also be aware of some of the pitfalls that come along with dating in the technological age. Here are some things to consider. Senior Dating In Michigan

  • Be Clear About What You Want

Often times when people start dating, they are often unclear about what it is that they are looking for in a companion. Not everyone jumps into the dating world because they are looking for a long-lasting relationship or a marriage. Some people are just looking for someone to share their time with.

People should think about the type or types of relationships that they are looking for, for instance people who enjoy an active lifestyle but don’t necessarily like sports and would prefer quiet dinners at a restaurant, or at home may want to consider choosing more than one companion. It is okay to date in multiples, there is nothing wrong with having a companion to go out to dinner with, and another one to go to a sporting event with, and another one to have great conversations with. There really are no rules when it comes to dating, people just need to have an honest discussion with themselves about what they are looking for.

  • Using the Internet to Find a Date

There are a multitude of online dating sites that cater to the senior population, however seniors who are unfamiliar with the internet should be aware that there are a lot of scam artists who troll senior internet sites in hopes of being able to connect with someone who is lonely and desires companionship to manipulate.

Senior people in Michigan should be very leery of people who profess their undying love for them within a matter of weeks of connecting online. Generally, these types of people will talk about wanting to get married, and they will say all of the sweet things that most people want to hear. They will never make themselves available for an in-person meeting, and they might even ask you to communicate with them on another website.

Within a few weeks the scammer will tell their mark that he or she has some sort of an emergency and then they will request money to be sent to them via Western Union or that a purchase be made for them via a credit card. Many of these scam artists come from other countries like Africa for so they are not operating from within the United States of America making it nearly impossible to catch them.

  • Meet-up and Socials

Senior people in Michigan should take advantage of the opportunities to meet and greet at area meet ups and socials. Churches often have singles nights where singles can get together and mingle with other singles with like minds and interest. There are also internet sites which have groups that people can choose from to meet other like-minded individuals.

There are groups for people who love to play board games, and other groups for people who love to watch sports and groups for people who love to dance. Seniors should think about the activities that they enjoy participating in and look for groups that feature those activities. Seniors should be mindful of their surroundings at all times while engaging in over 50 dating. Always meet groups and individuals in public places like malls and churches.


Enjoying Safe Senior Online Dating Tips

Senior people, typically considered over 50, have been showing a large growing number in regards to online senior dating, more than six percent according to AARP recently. This is not hard for one to consider once it’s learned, that as of 2013, forty five percent of senior people 65 and older are now divorced.  Senior Online Dating Tips

Sex and senior people over 50

According to a 2007 study, more than 3000 senior people responded to questions in regards to their current sexual encounters and what was learned is rather amazing. Primarily all of them said they had sex no less than once the year of the study. For example, of those that commented, we found the following to be true information.

  • 26% of those aged 75-85 still have an active sex life of more than one forray weekly
  • 53% of those aged 65-74 the same holds true of multiple excursions
  • 73% of those 57-64 still have their share of bedroom fun.

To many this might seem a bit of a shock to some, while to others they simply have a hard time imaging grandma or grandpa going out on dates let alone still being sexually active. However, with more than 10% if Americans aged 55-64 actively using online dating safety can be a family concern. Since the subject can often be a bit of a tough one we are here to help.

Safely Dating Online Tips

Be extra careful just how much information one releases online senior dating. This is due to the fact that there are no certainties just who it might be on the other side of the computer. Photos can be copied, not to mention names and profiles stolen from others or completely made up.

In recent years many senior people have become victims of scams and other means of unlawful abuse online. Divorced and widowed senior people tend to be the most sought after for these not nice acts and let’s not forget that there are a huge number of predators online as well.

When going on the first few dates it is most practical for senior people over 50 to treat the date just as a teen or young adult would, and keep them public. Often these dates also are best to take place for those partaking in online senior dating to join other similar couples.

Among all else senior people over 50 that have decided to partake on online senior dating must remember to have fun.


Senior People Dating in 2017

Senior people are often excited to see simply see a new day, they are extra happy to enter a new year. This makes those partaking in senior dating look forward to the upcoming days, as the promise of love and companionship grows higher and higher. Senior People Dating in 2017

Senior People Enjoying Senior Dating

The question of the day, however, stands at what should senior people expect out of senior dating in 2017? To better answer this we highlight a few of the numerous changes below that senior people might find advantageous when senior dating.

The most important aspect to remember is that with a new year brings about new beginnings but this is nothing new to senior people as they have all seen their fair share of year’s coming to an end and ringing in the new.

The Chinese Horoscope

The Chinese Horoscope for 2017 tells us that this is the year of the Fire Rooster. In a nutshell that means the new year prediction is as follows.

Allow people in and around your lives will have a tendency to complicate things, often unessarily, they will also be less stubborn and more polite.

Reading this for the most part should have the world smiling with the upcoming expectations of niceties and friendliness for the world it seems has been somewhat lacking in these regards in years of late.

Pantone Color of 2017

Another great 2017 option that senior people dating are sure to enjoy is the lively Pantone color of the year. This color is a surefire hit when added to the daily color pallete when senior dating.

Pantone has selected the color “GREENERY” which symbolises new beginnings bound to make a smile on senior people that are searching for companionship via senior dating.

This is no dull green by any means. GREENERY is a nice spring hue that stands for vitality and personal passion pursuits. What more could a dating senior truely ask for than this lovely shade to assist sparks love, companionship, and possible future love.

Social Security Increase in 2017

The Social Security increase is a welcome addition of some pennies that seniors dating will be able to access and utilize. However, before one gets too excited it is important to note that on average this only adds up to roughly $5 per person.

This miniscule increase will leave many yet unable to afford fillet minion as a senior dating dinner splurge, but one can now possibly afford a $1 cinema ticket for themselves and their date.

Not to worry, for some senior people, though as working seniors can now also make more money before being charged or penalized for making said monies. This perk should also help those wishing or planning senior dating outings. If you want to know more dating sites, you can check best dating sites 2017.


Senior Single Dating Chicago

Chicago, located in North America’s midwest is also known as The Windy City. There singles, such as Chicago senior people dating, will find many treats and treasures for singles to explore and enjoy. Senior people dating here or even those just visiting have their choice of many local delights.

As an added treat one will not need to break the bank to date in Chicago as there are an enormous amount of inexpensive and even free senior people dating options, some of which are highlighted below. Senior Single Dating Chicago

As a senior single one must keep in mind that the winters are a bit cold and chilly, however, they make for nice days and nights of cuddling. This gathered list includes options for multiple types of weather some of which must be enjoyed prior to the windy winter.


Chicago senior people dating often find a nice casual bicycling stroll to be not only a treat but a way in which to enjoy the scenery while getting a little extra fresh air.


No true date is complete without a slice of heavenly pizza one can only find in Chicago. Chicago senior people dating and all other seniors, singles, as well as senior people dating will happily share the best spot they know for a deep dish slice that will truly blow the minds of those giving it a try.

Architecture Delights

Chicago senior people dating can plan many a singles date walking about the architecture delights one can only find in Chicago.

Local Art

Senior people dating cannot rule out the beauty to be found in the local city sections and skyline alike. These potential single people dating hotspots can include spots such as the larger than life Marilyn Monroe statue, the glossy beauty found at Cloud Gate, a larger than life bean shaped sculpture, the shores of Lake Michigan, or one of the many unique skyscrapers known only to Chicago.


America’s favorite pastimes are alive and well for Chicago senior people dating to enjoy. Many single senior people dating and singles have been known to propose at a game, of baseball and football alike thus helping the romance soar.

Amazing Animals

Single seniors often have a blast feeling like a kid again when touring the amazing animals found at Chicago zoos. Chicago senior people dating can vouch making an entire day’s outing is always fun when including a romantic picnic lunch while there.

Single Senior Selections

Single senior people dating option do not stop here as there are literally thousands of alternative options to be discovered. Senior people dating need only use their imaginations to create the perfect date while in Chicago.


Senior Matchmaking Services – Senior Match

For those of you that are over 50 the folks over at Senior Match have the dating scene all figured out for you, as you are the clientele in which they specialize. Senior Match continues to be in the top five greatest senior dating sites just as it has right from day one. Their matchmaking skills are second to none just ask any of their senior dating members just how great the dating services they offer have been for them.senior-matchmaking-services

Senior Match Dating Services

Senior dating can often be a somewhat scary time for senior citizens especially for those that are just getting back out into the realm of dating. This is a big drawing factor for matchmaking sites such as this one. The senior offerings do not just stop there. The following are highlights into all the other great things senior citizens will have at their fingertips once they have reached

Senior Match Free Membership

Senior Match realizes that a senior often has a very limited budget at their disposal and to help prove that they really are trying to be the very best matchmaking service for you have many perks being offered via their free membership that are very similar to those found under the paid tiers. Below are some of the greatest of those.

  • Profile Creation
  • Greeting Line To Attract Attention to Created Profile
  • A Means To Explain Who You Are, Habits, and Preferences
  • Ability to Upload Multiple Images and Photos
  • Place to Explain Your Ideal Match in Detail
  • Ability to Receive Emails from Paying Members
  • Ability to Answer Emails Received from Paying Members

Communication Tools For Senior Dating

To help those seniors who have a harder time in communicating those at Senior Match  have developed many easy to use options. Below are some of the favorites mentioned by those senior citizens already to have found their importance.

  • Friends Circle
  • Winks
  • Mail both for incoming and outgoing
  • Online Chat
  • Search for both images and profiles
  • Forums for Seniors
  • Senior Blogs

Matchmaking Perks For Senior Members

For those that have found senior dating to be just the fun you had hoped and envisioned it be the makers of this dating services site also offer a paid membership. Here senior citizens will find all those areas that have been highlighted above as well as those that are too follow.

  • Daily Dating News
  • Advanced Search Features
  • More Advanced Privacy Settings
  • Ability to Initiate Chatting Online
  • Membership Discounts
  • Ability to Initiate Emails
  • Hotlists

Missing At Senior Match

Their is one huge aspect missing at Senior Match, however. That missing element is you, and possibly some of your senior citizen friends. Joining is free so there is no reason for you to miss out.


Senior Dating in Oregon: How it Differs from Elsewhere

A Great Location in Which to Date

Senior dating in Oregon could possibly be one of the best areas in which for a senior to meet, gather, and grow with other fellow older people. The great warmer winters of late have only been adding to these meeting arrangements in recent years as the older people have not been trapped at home by the snow and cold as they often have had to be in the past. senior-dating-in-oregon

Areas Known for Cultural Diversity

Oregon is highly well known for being a culturally diverse place in which to live. Here the artistic and the earthy meet in a peaceful contemplation unlike any other location in the world. Oregon has open arms for the die hard ways of days gone by as well as those seeking a futuristic lifestyle that has just begun to creep out of its birthing shell.

Classic Beauty Remains in Place

Here you will often find that the rural beauty holds much of the olden day charm and classical-ness of days gone past in a beautiful one of a kind nostalgia based mannerism that one can only find in Oregon. All about the many Oregon towns one can still find the marquee for a  matinee movie that is actually still playing.

Male to Female Ratio is Well Known

Oregon has a high male to female ratio. The ratio in Oregon beating out even Anchorage, Alaska, which is well known for this swing number. Thus meaning that there are plenty of dateable fellows just awaiting a gentle hand in which to spend their afternoons and evenings holding.

Inexpensive Attractions Remain Available

There are still lovely inexpensive attractions to be found throughout Oregon as well. There are photo booths everywhere. Use them! These relics of the past make such a unique way in which to remember a time that might otherwise blend into any other day.

Where Can a Senior Go

There are many options for a senior in regards to where to go for a helping hand in the dating scene. These include the obvious online dating sites, the Facebook groups, and even Craigslist, no differently than other cities and states have to offer.

Meetup Thanks to Meetup

There is a site called Meetup, no it is not a new site but rather one that remains fairly unknown. In most cases it is free to use and has many different types of groups in the nearby areas that can attract seniors and youngsters alike. The best aspect of Meetup is that most all of the meetings are separated by interests rather than simply ages allowing for a little more flexibility in the dating scene.

For example, one group that is available for the senior is the Central Oregon Senior Singles for anyone over the age of 50. They explain what they do and offer very nicely all by themselves. They refer to their online space as follows. This club also supports sub clubs in many niche groups and settings as well.

“Rather than being a dating club this is a place for those who believe the best way to create friendships with our peers is to share common interests and experiences. Activities include such events as movies, dinners, hiking, biking, music, book clubs, dancing, games, plays, potlucks and happy hours. ”

Get Out There and Mingle

OK seniors, what are you waiting for? If you are interested in senior dating get out there and mingle. Older people just like you are awaiting a fun new adventure and I am certain you do not want to miss out.


Senior Christian Dating

Senior christian datingSenior christian dating is one of the newer types of specific classification areas within the larger combined scenes that incorporate both christian dating and senior dating scene. Christian senior dating are areas in which there have not been a lot of options and have more recently begun, in recent months, to take-off.

Prior to then-senior people had sites and groups in which they could mingle, join, and hope to find a companion for those hours that senior people needed filled with entertainment, laughter, bonding and hopefully love.

Christian dating, like the senior people, was a separate area or group of people that would be able to, if lucky, that one might find in their local area that organizes events, meets, or some form of socialization.

The funniest way in which this can be said, in my mind, is as follows. (Chuckling and beginning to laugh before speaking)

If senior people went out with, fell in love, and got married to the Christian dating to then be followed by them getting pregnant …….

love child

then their love child that would come next would be ……

senior christian people dating. (Onset of more chuckling and light laughter strikes the narrator before they are able to move on.)

Many of the seniors in these previously separated two groups have been getting a kick out of the fact so many have been giving them pointers. Pointers on dating, on how to stay safe, on how to go online, on how to work computers and so on. They might be the “old dog” if you may but those are anything but “new tricks” needing taught.

One gentleman laughed at the park the other day when we were discussing it as he told me the following little tale.

“For the longest time one of the only things there was for someone

my age to do with others my age was to hit the library. Once there

the only things they really had for us to do was teach us how to us

basic computers,” laughing even harder he had to stop for a bit.

He had been a dating friend of my grandmothers and I felt very sad for him that he was so, well, bored. Last week I had given him a listing of the senior christian dating websites but he still hadn’t mentioned them. I’m not wanting to feel as if I am pushing him so I haven’t brought them up again, even though I was really wanting to ask. Resolved, the newest mental decision to one more week to wait would do no harm.

I understood exactly what he meant though as my own grandparents often complained about the same things. It was either computer class or bingo. My grandmother would get so adamantly angry sometimes about the lack of offerings and in her personal tangent would say the following.

  • “If I ever really get old I will consider bingo.”
  • “Why does everyone treat us as if we need walkers?”
  • “ If you ever take me either one of those places you will never see old.”


The last being my favorite. As if it were all my idea. However, not that long ago she called me up and told me of a christian senior bus trip that she was going to be joining with her sister. The trip was taking them all to Disney in Florida. For our family this was growth positive in the senior scene.

Very limited alternatives for her and all seniors in a similar position, to meet other like-minded seniors, especially other seniors that were looking at dating is a scene that is happily growing and becoming easier to locate. There needs to be positive growth in the areas of more senior dating avenues as well as more christian senior ones to only name a couple.


Senior Black People Meet

Senior black people meet have changed drastically over the years. Often times it may have even been a decade or two of time has lapsed. Black senior dating has been made easier in many ways than the days of old. However, there are new things one must be careful as well.senior black people meet

  • Looking Online

Okay so you are in search of a location in which senior black people meet, that is easy. Head to your computer, type “senior black people meet” into your search bar, and wallah. That was the easy part. Selecting the right site is a bit more complicated.

  • Selection by Price

The primary way to narrow the listing of dating site options is to determine the price you want to spend. Site fees range from free and keep going up from there. What can your budget afford is the key. No date is worthy of the using your water bill money, for example.

  • Black People Meet

Before committing to a certain site be sure to look at success stories. Are or have there been any successful black people matched up? Read the reviews as some sites are not as great as they seem. For example, there are some sites out there that say your cost is one number and your credit card is billed a different one. Be careful.

  • Protect Yourself

Don’t laugh. We understand you are no longer a kid, nor have you lost your marbles, but these days when going online one can never be too careful. The following suggestions are geared to you online safety.

♥ Be anonymous as long as you would like.
♥ If you are not yet ready to meet, don’t.
♥ Avoid those that do not give straight answers.
♥ Never give out too much personal information.

  • Give it Time

Love doesn’t happen overnight even with the help of the internet. Don’t get discouraged too quickly. There is a person waiting to go on that date with you if you simply give it some time. Studies suggest that the harder one tries to find a relationship the least likely it is to be found.

  • Be Cautious

Be careful and cautious as there are a lot of scams online these days. Following your gut instinct is a great way to not be taken advantage. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is to good to be true.

  • The First Meet

As a precaution always schedule the first meet in a public location where there will be a lot of other people around. This helps to ensure that you have been talking to the person that you think you have been. Be cause of the anonymous nature of online dating you can never be 100% sure until the first time you meet. The following are a few extra items to be careful of the first time you meet.

♥ Always let someone know where you are going for the meet.
♥ Never leave personal items unattended, including your drink.
♥ Never have them pick you up, it eliminates escape if necessary.
♥ Staying sober the first meet ensures you get the right vibe.

  • Have Fun

Most importantly, have fun. Being a senior does not mean being sent to pasture or mandatory porch rocking.